11 Movies Like ‘Bird Box’ Streaming On Netflix Now That Will Keep You Scared For Weeks

Netflix has really struck gold with their latest horror film, Bird Box. The Sandra Bullock movie, which hit the streaming service in December, has taken the internet by storm and is already the most-watched Netflix original movie ever, according to Deadline. So given the movie’s runaway popularity, it’s likely that many fans will be searching for other movies like Bird Box currently streaming on Netflix. And thanks to Netflix’s massive library of scary movies, those fans are unlikely to be disappointed with what they find.

For fans of Bird Box, not any horror movie will do. The film tells the story of a post-apocalyptic society where Earth’s population has been ravaged by a supernatural entity that causes people to see their worst fear and kill themselves — or others — if they happen to catch a glimpse of it. As a consequence of this new reality, survivors must remain blindfolded while in the wilderness or else risk seeing the creature and sealing their fate. With this being the case, the film relies on tension and suspense rather than gore and jump scares (the creature in question is never shown), and it also trades in themes of survival and isolation. So with those criteria in mind, here are some movies currently streaming on Netflix that should appeal to fans of Bird Box.

1‘The Ritual’

Netflix on YouTube

Four British friends get lost while hiking in the Swedish woods and end up running afoul of a cult who worships a terrifying entity from Norse folklore.


Netflix on YouTube

A man sets out to an isolated island to rescue his sister from a cult and finds a situation far more dangerous and unusual than he had expected.


Netflix on YouTube

In a post-apocalyptic world, a determined survivor must help two young children make it to safety while trying to avoid succumbing to the same horrifying fate as the rest of humanity… sound familiar?


Movieclips Indie on YouTube

Bird Box features the gimmick of having its protagonists navigate blindfolded, while Hush features a protagonist who is deaf and mute and must somehow deal with a home invader.

5‘The Witch’

A24 on YouTube

Isolated in the woods of Colonial New England, a religious and superstitious family come to believe a witch is terrorizing them — and they’re right.

6‘The Invitation’

Movieclips Coming Soon on YouTube

A couple receives an invite to a lavish dinner party at the home of some old friends, but their curiosity quickly turns to paranoia as the party devolves into madness. Lots of tension in this one, to put it mildly.

7‘It Follows’

IGN on YouTube

In this modern horror classic, a supernatural entity with an unknown true form stalks its victims by changing its appearance to cater to them — not unlike the mysterious creature at the heart of Bird Box.

8‘The Open House’

Netflix on YouTube

Paranoia and suspense rule the day in this film about a mother and son who move into a new home and become convinced they are not alone.


Movieclips Indie on YouTube

A videographer answers a mysterious Craigslist ad from a man looking to have a day in his life filmed, but once the two are alone together a far more sinister plot is revealed.

10‘The Wailing’

Movieclips Indie on YouTube

In this Korean film, a village is thrown into turmoil when its residents start suffering from a plague that turns them into murderous psychopaths before taking their lives, and a newly arrived outsider may be to blame.

11‘I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House’

Netflix on YouTube

This haunted house tale is such a slow burn it almost makes Bird Box look like an action film, but it should appeal to those fans who prefer horror films that make them think.

As this list proves, Bird Box isn’t the only tension-filled scary movie on Netflix, so it’s time to take off your blindfold and start streaming.



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