Here are 10 clues that make you understand that your partner does not deserve you

Even if at first you do not mind taking care of him, the role of “mother” starts to irritate you.

Every woman wants to have a man, a real man. Yet many of us do not know what differentiates a strong man from a weak man.

Weak is not the one crying . On the contrary, one man who is crying is strong since he does not hide his emotions. A weak man is the one who always takes you back one step.


You get to chase him all the time

You do not want to do that, and yet there is no other solution. Every time you have to reproach and repeat it all the time. If you feel that you have to educate your partner, something is wrong.    

 You clean up after him

He throws his stuff around the house without worrying about cleanliness. You find crumbs in the living room and on the bed in the bedroom. It’s just a mature child waiting to take care of him.

He has adolescent friends

Every time you meet with his friends, you have the impression that you’ve reached the 10th grade high school. Neither he nor his buddies matured.     

He can not discuss the future

Every time you want to maintain a dialogue about the future of your relationship, it runs away from an answer. Notice how to panic and try to avoid, in all possible ways, such a discussion.   

  He does not listen

Since you have to repeat it all over again, that means he does not listen too carefully. Only a person who does not respect you will dare to ignore everything you say.     

He does not defend you

Your partner needs to give you support and warmth. But he does not get emotional support from him.    

He does not refuse ideas 

You propose but he never comes with the initiative. He’s waiting for you to decide for both.     

He does not take responsibility

He is never believed to be responsible for his words and deeds. In times of crisis he blames others and tries to justify his weakness.  

   He is not emotional

Many people think weak men can not hide their emotions. Things, however, are fixed in reverse. A fearful man will not risk being vulnerable and sincere. He will hide everything after a stone of nothing .   

  He is selfish

He never makes personalized and romantic gestures for you. The harmony and prosperity of the relationship falls exclusively on your shoulders.

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