We as women are more emotional and sociable, we demand a lot of attention and sometimes we hurry too much.

We as women are more emotional and sociable, we demand a lot of attention and sometimes we hurry too much.

Do you know what feature of women rejects most men?

The fact that we do not listen when they talk to us.

We think we are too important, and what they have to say seems so boring until the conversation goes back to us.

But listening closely to a person is the best way to show them that we cherish it and want to understand it. This is called active listening.

Active listening is not only when listening and thinking about what you are going to answer, interrupting the person who is talking or waiting for the interlocutor to keep quiet as you can talk. We are most specific to this behavior.

How can we change this? Because after all we do not want to lose them, we try to fix the mistake we made from the unconscious and without control.

Ask him a question and do not say anything.

There is a reason why women find it difficult to ask a question and then to be silent. Often the reason is that they do not want to know the answer. This is true.

They either do not ask questions, either ask questions but do not listen to the answer. They answer for the man, because he is afraid of what he can say. When you speak but do not listen, even when you ask a question, the man can think that you do not care what he wants to say.

It seems that you ask a question just because you feel compelled to do it, but in reality you are indifferent to what he says.That’s a terrible feeling.

When someone behaves with you in this way, you get irritated, you start to think that person does not cherish you.

There is nothing more beautiful than when you are allowed to freely express your deepest feelings.

It is usually easier for women to speak, but this does not mean that we always express our deepest feelings. Being emotional does not mean to understand and clearly express your feelings.

Most men find it difficult to express their emotions. That’s why when you ask a question, he needs time to think and find the right words. When you do not press it with the answer, you have the opportunity to find out more about it.

You can wonder how profound your relationship can become if you keep silent after you put a question. This will bring you closer and make  him to love you and respect you more. He will feel that you respect his time, his thoughts and his need to express his feelings.

Next time, when you want to find out what your partner thinks or feels, give him time to think. This will increase the affection in the relationship. If you do not sabotage your intention to answer, then do not speak, start  teaching you how to listen.

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