Life offers you everything you need and you are fully satisfied. But, for some reason, you can not get rid of the feeling that you don’t deserve anything of it

Fear of happiness is a real fear. Usually this fear is experienced by people who consider themselves to be losers in life, who never thought they could get anything.

These people feel a certain satisfaction when their worst expectations are not achieved and all their happiness evaporates. Fear of happiness is specific to the perfectionist, the person who works very much, the victims of violence but not only.

About every one of us at a certain stage of his life has asked: “Do I deserve happiness? Maybe it will soon disappear, as if it never existed. ” This attitude has a clear psychological reason – the absence of a sense of self-dignity.

That is why we believe we can deserve something or not.

We often hear that the world is an unfair place, so we begin to believe that any happiness we share is equally wrongly obtained.

How else would it be possible for us, who deserve nothing, to be happy?

I want to tell him something. You deserve to be happy!

It is true that the world is not distinguished by righteousness and special kindness. But the circumstances change and what makes you happy today, tomorrow, or another day, may disappear – sooner or later surely it will do it.

But if you live with fear for your happiness and continue to believe that you do not deserve it, you will fulfill your own prophecy. If you are afraid of your own happiness, she will run faster than you think.

I am unhappy – you change something in your life.

Or change yourself. What to change? What  you want.

Choose something and start acting. My head hurts. Inspire deeply. Try starting to change what you can control.

May I be happier if I have more money? Yeah, maybe, but it’s relative. Is there anything more important than money? The time we spend with our loved ones. The time we lose on things that are not important. Do not forget, you can not turn it back.

We have a complicated relationship. Break up.

But if I do not meet someone better? But if you meet someone a hundred times better?

He/She left me, my heart was hurt. But your heart is still beating. It means nothing is lost.

What are you doing now? Everything is complicated. 

 No one will  help me. Oh , please ! Live as you live now.

But I am unhappy with the way I live now. If you always do the same, the result will remain the same. Let’s grow, develop, or we’ll quit .

When do I start acting? IMMEDIATE!

I hope one day you will find happiness ten times greater than today. I hope you will have so much happiness that you will not know what to do with it. I want you to find happiness wherever you go.

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