Find the man who will be ready to deal with all the issues you will have in the relationship. The man who will defend you , #Love

Find the man who will be ready to deal with all the issues you will have in the relationship. The man who will defend you , because he will not accept that you are in danger. The man who will suffer when tears fall out of your eyes.

The man who will take care of you first

You should never feel alone or disrespected next to your partner . If you need to face the stress that you are always wrong about something and you still need to fake admit that him is always right , then this is a huge problem . You probably are also feeling that him does not have time for you but when it comes to his needs him finds a way to make time and run away from you . Is like he is trying to do something else just to leave your company .

Find the man who will fight for you, for your love, for the relationship. He is bold enough to keep what he chose. He is devoted, he will stay with you for good and for bad.

He is a gentleman – he will calm you when you do not feel good.


The surprises about a gift stays in the fact that he taught about you and take time to find something that might fit your personality . Not  the gift or the blig-bling in it is what makes you happy , but the emotion that his eyes transmit and the need to see you happy . This is what a gentleman is making , taking time from his busy life for you because you matter to him .

Be with the man who will be able to convince you with arguments, alongside which you can build long and not boring conversations about things really important.

Be with the man who will not be ashamed to admit he needs your help.

Keeping you in  relation is not important for him , is already thinking that since you’ve stayed for so much time with him you will stay forever because you don’t want to upset him . Here is your mistake and you should never repeat it anymore : when it comes to love jealousy in small portion is very important . Maybe you’ve done many thing for him and never aspect anything as an exchange . This will make him think that you are becoming some kind of puppy who loves the owner more that loves himself just because is feeding him . I personally think that a relation should be that fairytale one when the woman is feeling special and she is feeling like a queen in her Ikea chair .

Find the man who will have the answers and know when to stop you when you overcome certain limits.

Find the man who will respect your freedom and his freedom, who will understand that you are two different people with different dreams, but with the same values.

Nothing does not fit anymore in this time for you and him is not showing you not even an intention to make you feel better . Is like him is annoyed to when you are arround . I bet that him is not even appreciate your effort of taking care of him or his stuff .

This is wrong . You should feel appreciated by him , after all you are his love and the woman who is representing him . Right ?


There are so many reasons in the world for what you should be happy and making the right things in life . One of the main reason is that you are never truly alone . You always have a family member or a friend waiting for you to call and show you the support you need .

Find the man who will find time and words, who will act, who will prove it. Find yourself such a man and understand that all things in a relationship are reciprocal.

The hardest step is to move on . But it comes a time , even a short one , when you feel that you are ready to leave him . Take advantage of this confidence in you . Many people are afraid of loneliness . Even you take a time and notice that even the single persons have a happy life and are not desperate to find someone for a relation , they just live their life and wait to fall in love at the right time with the perfect guy .

You deserve better .


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