I look acceptable, I am intelligent, I have a sense of humor, a good job. Why nobody #loves me?

No one will love you unless you  learn to love yourself.

Feel like a queen and then any  men will be at your feet .

Probably this statement is true, but you can not love yourself ? 

This is a history that is too often heard. However when you search a psychologist to learn you to love yourself , the beginning of conversation between you two (you + psychologist )  sounds like this

  • Have you received enough childhood affection?
  • How was your relationship with your parents?

The best move to make is to  respond with visible irritation:

– How important is the relationship I have with my parents?

When you manage to overcome this person’s psychological barriers, you realize that he is beginning  to be fragile .

A weeping person who lives all his life with the feeling that the parents did not really love him. This is a burden around which people have to build a protective sarcophagus, otherwise they will not survive.

This trauma from childhood affects the life of the person and those around him as a radiation. Most likely, the children from this type of woman will suffer because of the mother’s lack of love.

For a human there is nothing more destructive than  rejection from parents.

This type of child ends up rejecting himself .

How can you love others if you had not been loved? All of us – those who have been loved in childhood or not – draw us familiar, familiar things. That is why the woman with a type of neurotic attachment, whose emotional needs were not satisfied in childhood, will repeat the same pattern of attitude and relationship with others, including men.

Most often, these women will fall in love with indifferent men and try to get emotional reciprocity.

Ultimately, this is the goal of the little girl who wanted to get the love of indifferent parents. Because this type of woman does not know how true love should be, she thinks it can be worth it.

So she makes an effort to deserve and fall in love with a man who rejects her. For a woman who was not loved in childhood, it is extremely important to be loved and not to be abandoned. She very easily becomes a hostage of guilt and begins to think that she has challenged the man to such an attitude (Mom and Dad are quarreling – that’s because I’m not a pretty good daughter).

On the other hand, any gesture of attention on the part of the man for her becomes extremely significant and important, because in childhood they did not have such a thing.

Since a woman doesn’t know how to build a healthy and functional relationship, she will be ready to accept less than she is  Worthing

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