What happened with Notino ?! Large amounts of products are fake


Have you recently ordered from Notino and the smell of the perfume was not so intense or even was a bit different of that last one ?

This thing happens when you buy a fake ! And Notino make no exception from the list of Shops who sell fake as being original .

They usually don’t have any qualms whatsoever about Sephora’s authenticity or anything.

How should you check if what you want to buy from Notino is authentic or not ?

In general, are Notino’s products authentic? Has Notino been known to sell fake products? How reputable are the products Notino sells?

First you should start google it  if Notino is an authorized retailer of the Brand you are trying to buy .

As much as you love Notino, you should going to be weary from now on when it comes to purchase products there and  advise others to inspect their products as well before buying them .

Notice your problem to Notino so that they know what is about . If you own a fake product  from them they will ask you to bring the fake one in the closest shop near you , and make a switch or even refound your money back .


How to determine if your perfume is authentic


  • Department stores are always the safest way to buy perfume, as you have the advantage of being able to closely examine the bottle in its packaging and talking to the retail staff. This allows you to approach the staff if it’s possibly a fake, and you are able to return the perfume if it’s not authentic.
  • Be very cautious at flea markets or swap meets where sellers can easily rip you off without recourse. Always carefully inspect the perfume before you purchase it, and if at all possible get the vendor’s contact information in case it turns out to be unsatisfactory.
  • Feel free to ask the buyer very direct questions based on the information explained here. For example, “Can you please tell me the batch number?” and “Can you put up a photo of the text on the back of the box?”, etc.
  • When buying online through eBay or Amazon it’s important to check for product and online seller reviews. Make sure the seller is PayPal verified as this means they had to disclose their contact information. Check to see if they have a return policy, and demand one if they don’t. Pay attention to whether the listing is written with proper grammar and spelling.
  • If you’ve decided to trust a smaller retailer (or if you suspect you might be dealing with a fake), the first thing to look at is the packaging. If you’ve purchased a genuine version of the perfume in the past, keep the box and bring it with you for comparison or find close-ups of the packaging online. Everything needs to be exactly the same.
  • Pay particularly close attention to difficult-to-imitate features like holograms and bar codes. Walk away if there’s even the slightest variation. Same goes for the cellophane. If the wrapping is loose, if its seems aren’t precise, or if it’s discolored, keep moving.
  • Bottle check comes second ! Even clever counterfeiters struggle to get this just right. Just like with the packaging, bring the old bottle along with you (or take close-up pictures) and compare the two. Pay particularly close attention to the lid and to the label and other places the bottle is branded. Is the logo perfectly aligned? Is the label perfectly square? If not, you know what to do.
  • Definitely check the colour and consistency of the perfume .Counterfeit perfumes are often far more watery than the genuine article. Give the bottle a shake and see how it behaves (this helps if you bring along a bottle of the real stuff).

    Look closely at the color as well. If you don’t have a bottle to bring along, print off a color picture of the perfume. If the color isn’t an exact match, you’re looking at a fake.


  • If you are shopping online, avoid sites that don’t have a place for customers to leave reviews. If purchasing through eBay or other major online retailers, check the product and the seller reviews (especially the bad ones).

    If the online retailer allows you to pay via PayPal, make sure that their account is verified (this means they’ve provided confirmed contact information to the site). If they ask for payment via bank transfer or any other way that feels sketchy, take your business elsewhere.

Tips for that time when you are in Notino shop


  • You’re allowed up to three take-home samples per department, so go in on that hell an expensive stuff.
  • You might already know about the three free samples per online order
  • Know Sephora’s rewards program levels and what they can offer you

  • Wait for those semi-annual sales

  • If you shop in the store, start at the outer perimeters first.

  • The products along the outside edges of the store are typically the cheapest or on sale, just like in grocery stores


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