This signs show that your relationship is not working

If you find yourself in the description below, it means you most likely have to break apart from the person next to you.

You can easily become the captive of a toxic relationship, which will only give you headaches . 

If in relationship you are experiencing only pain or despair, then it is time to give it up. relation is self-destructive , may you should start thinking how to end it .

 Support is the foundation of a lasting relationship.

A good partner accepts you the way you are and does not try to turn you into someone else. After all he fallen in love with you not your chance of becoming his puppy .

Every person has both – good and bad qualities, and it is important that her defects do not reject you. You do not have to like the same things you like for your partner, but it’s very important not to criticize them every time .

In a relationship there MUST be  acceptance and respect.

If your partner is irritated by the things you like, if he criticizes your decisions, your manner of dressing and even your preferences, then this is an obvious signal that you need a new  relationship.

 A relationship does not just involve fun

Each of us  , we have to face daily  stressful situations and problems.

Each of us knows what a difficult day is to work, financial problems and illnesses.

A good partner will necessarily show his compassion and will show his intention to help you overcome the difficulties.

If, when you have trouble, your partner is distancing you, you need to stop  hoping  that he will be next to you when you need him.

Couple In Bed

If you have a partner, and the feeling of loneliness does not disappear, then there is a problem.

Here are some alarming signs that should not be overlooked: you want to talk to your partner, but he is never available for it, he does not encourage you after a stressful day, he does not answer your emotional needs.

These things indicate that you do not have to spend  the future together.

If your partner dreams of traveling, and you desperately want a family, it means you go in different directions.

If you think you have incompatible interests, which can be a premise for a future conflict, then it is time to have a serious discussion.

Awareness of this can be painful, but it will surely be a good step.

A harmonious and lasting relationship requires the involvement of both partners and their ability not only to take, but also to offer. Problems arise when one of the partners takes or offers more. A relationship requires an equal effort from both partners. Everyone has to go to compromise for the common good.

If one of the partners takes care of this relationship and the other does not make any effort, then the relationship will not survive.

Trust is very important for a relationship. If you do not trust your partner, constantly check your calls and messages, you suspect it is wrong, then you should ask yourself why you are in the relationship with this person.

When none of you has any desire to resolve conflicts, it is probably the time to separate – love has disappeared and you do not want to come back again.


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