The lies you say to yourself when a man leaves you

Even if it seems to you that you are honest with yourself, reality is another: here are the lies that you “feed” yourself with  when you suffer from a separation.

Wait for a call from your ex-boyfriend? You feel more hope for something. You probably still feel something real to him. Maybe you expect him to come back.

You are accomplices for a moment, with thoughts already taking control of you. Look for the answer to the question: “Where have I been wrong?”

Finding yourself in this desperate state and not admit it , means that you are lying to yourself. These lies just startle your pain.

Over a period of time, they become toxic and have a negative impact on you.

Here’s how you’re lying most often, something you have to stop doing:

1. Intimate relationships are the problem

If that is  the real reason, then it is better that he left. The relationship should not be limited to physical connection.

The problems of this order may serve as an impediment, but never as a global problem.

A strong relationship can not be influenced by such a minor thing.


2. Friends and relatives will judge you because of separation

Obviously there will be people who will come up with biting comments. But people in this kind of thing do not matter.

Those close will support you because they will all good for you.

3. You missed the only chance to find your love

There is a chance to find the love of your life!

Love has no limits and validity.

4. You must stop suffering immediately

Never rush your emotions.

If you feel sad or even desperate, allow yourself to feel this for as long as you need it.

5. You have to face everything on your own You’re never alone.

It may seem that nobody wants or can not be next to you, to support you.

You’re wrong!

6. You are doomed to unhappiness

Maybe now you feel the most unhappy man in the world.

It takes time to overcome this sensation.

Note that the pain is temporary, it will not last forever.

7. You missed the perfect relationship

Since your relationship was over, it was not ideal. Now you can not judge objectively and prefer to think only of the beautiful things you had with him.

With time you will see the situation in its true hypostasis.

8. You will never be rehabilitated

Sometime it will be better.

You just have to believe in it.


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