If your relationship made you forget who you are, then you MUST READ this article

In a relationship you do not have to feel alone. It gives you and your partner the opportunity to use your full potential .

To love someone really means to give them freedom and the right to choose. You usually meet a person for some reason. That was the destiny.

Take care of your soul. Listen to your inner voice. Know yourself.

If you are in a relationship and have forgotten what it means to feel at home in your own skin, then you have chosen the right article.


A relationship will not undo the feeling of loneliness. The problem is that you feel this void coming from inside. Many are involved in a relationship, considering that it will compensate for a lack.

These people say to themselves: “I will become happy when I meet someone.” Suppose you met someone. A few months, or even years, this relationship makes you happy and fulfilled. But sooner or later, there will come a moment when the old sense of loneliness returns. You feel deserted and unhappy.

The partner feels neglected and demands more attention. It absorbs this energy from you and you will slowly feel like falling down. Soon you will become the prisoner of fear, pain and depression.

The main reason will be the feeling of loneliness that you have hidden deep within you, which has never disappeared. Understand that you are the source of your own happiness and satisfaction.

No relationship will be able to offer you what you can offer. You are the hero of your life. You’re your best friend. You are your true love.

Today is the day when you can transform your life and become the love of your life. Love yourself as you are, accept yourself, including your defects.

Understand what makes you happy and try to cherish and capitalize every moment of your life.


Stop waiting for the moment when someone in your life will appear to save you. You are the person you need right now. Stop searching. Stop pretending that the world owes you something.

When you meet someone, your goal is to share with the feeling of happiness that you already have.


Discover yourself. Turn to yourself! Turn home, turn to yourself.

If your partner is not willing to change for the sake of the relationship. He does not want to give up negative behavior, then I think it’s time to break up.

Surround yourself with quality people who listen to your heart.

These people will never cut your wings. They will not exhaust you from power and energy. They will emit light and heat and inspire you to live.

 A. C.

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