The most effective technique – for those stressed and over-tired

This technique is extremely effective for people suffering from stress and overload. It will help you restore your harmony with yourself, relax and detach yourself from any kind of negative energy. It’s the “space of harmony and inner safety” technique.

Inspire and exhale several times at a calm pace.

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Close your eyes and continue to breathe slowly.

Now imagine that you are in a place full of peace, quiet and in which you feel extremely comfortable. Can you imagine yourself there? Now what matters most is to draw attention to the details.

Look around you, analyze all the elements that are barely perceptible visually. What material are they made of? What color do they have? Imagine you touch them. How do you feel now? We continue. What do you see around you? And what do you see at a greater distance from you? Try to distinguish all the shapes, shadows and colors of your brains in this virtual dimension.

Do not forget that this is your special place and you can imagine anything you want to be there. You have all the freedom to do it. No one will judge you for that.

When you are there, you feel comfortable and quiet.

Imagine touching your feet with bare feet. Grass is soaking your soles, and your soul is full of the vibrations of freedom. Go a little longer. You study the surrounding phenomena.

Do you hear a sound? Do you hear the sound of the wind, the ocean breeze, or the song of the birds?

Do you feel any sensation?

Maybe the game of sun rays on your face? Or maybe you smell too? Which odor charm you especially at this moment? The swelling aroma of flowers, the sea air or the smell of your favorite food? Now that you understand where you are and have studied the place, imagine that there is someone next to you.


A friend or friend with whom you feel calm and calm in your own skin. Somebody gentle and helpful. Someone with whom you could walk and rest days and nights in a row through this beautiful virtual universe.

Look around again once more. Keep it as it is.

Whenever you feel troubled, sad or desperate, you are welcome in this wonderful place. Regardless of the time and the real space you are in, no one will ever be able to get you back into this world.

It will relieve your soul and help you to live your entire life in harmony with yourself. And every time you have the opportunity, try to make all this imagination come true.


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