This is the weirdest way to deal with breaking up. It will help you more than you think

Time is going too fast. Your feelings change without you realizing.

Under these conditions, there is no place for pain in your life. People go to a psychologist with one goal – to suppress spiritual pain to stop feeling painful. And then come back to work and family.

They want to live, but they do not feel intense emotions. They want to live without thoughts that seem to haunt the whole day.

Pensive man having a headache sitting on the bed

So, to live and not feel anything, this is what they want.

Pain refers to our psychological state, to what we feel.

It is an indicator that there is a problem. That the integrity of the system is destroyed.

It hurts where a wound is. It is impossible not to feel pain where you are hurt. If the body is alive, it reacts through pain to a trauma, to a disease, to a system malfunction. There is a solution: to become a robot. Then it will not hurt you anymore.


Never more.

But then, the sunset will no longer enjoy you, nor will wine taste you anymore, nor will the cat ever enjoy you. Because these things also imply the ability to feel.

The wound never gets caught suddenly.

Let’s give it with a lotion that will remove the pain. Let’s put a bandage. But as long as we do not try, the wound will not disappear until the mechanisms of protection and rehabilitation of the body work.

You can not make cells regenerate faster and the blood coagulates immediately. Everything takes place in its natural rhythm.

The same goes for our psychological system. You have to give him time to go through all the healing steps. You do not have to hurry things, but give yourself time to “hurt” word .


A loss of dear person hurts. A parting hurts. A negative message hurts. An unanswered message hurts. An insult hurts. A love that is not reciprocal hurts. Indifference hurts. Jealousy hurts.

You do not have to run away from this state. You do not have to save yourself, but give yourself time to experience it. You have to let it hurt. Like when you’re cold, when you’re sick in bed, in a state of mourning. You must accept this pain and this condition. You have to admit what you feel: “Yes, I’m jealous,” “Yes, I’m afraid to lose it.” Let yourself be sensible. To cry. To be angry. Be impulsive. Look at the old photographs. Write letters, which you do not necessarily send.


Do not run away from pain . Do not distort it. Do not ignore it, but dedicate your time.

Your psychic will use his defense mechanisms when the time is right. If you do not try to resist it, they will certainly act. Once you feel an acute pain, there will come a time of resignation, of apathy. Then the time  will come for you  to understand the situation and calmly react to it.

Finally, you will accept what has happened and you will move on.


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