This is the reason why it’s vital for each of us to spend less time at work

Here are the reasons why work should not occupy so much time and space in our lives.

British philosopher Bertrand Russell was one of the few who worked their whole life. Being a Nobel Prize laureate, he promoted ideas of altruism and common happiness. Here’s how the writer says in one of his essays:

“It must be admitted that the proper organization of time takes place in culture and education. An ordinary person to work without breaks will get bored in places where he will not work. We need diversity in everything that surrounds us, including in terms of labor efficiency. ”


Work to live, but do not live to work!

Russell points out that we only think about the money we can not win. We do not even care whether we really need the things we want them blindly .

In the contemporary world, the word “rest” requires only a few hours of rest.

During this time, we have to deal with something.

Young couple riding moped in village, Florence, Italy

Usually, we choose to go for a movie or for a walk. Due to the fact that we are too focused on the service, we are no longer able to diversify our free time. Russell says that man has simply forgotten that passive rest is not the only way to refresh his forces.

We can infer a very ironic idea at Russell that mankind is obsessed with work. It is, however, important not to neglect the rest. Both work and relaxation are very important, but both should be dosed accordingly. Sometimes, during the rest, you can come up with the perfect ideas for solving a problem at work.

This helps us earn income to live. But since it takes up too much space, we begin to lie.

Then we get intoxicated with false ideas that family and friends are secondary.


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