Try doing this thing at least once

Everyone has a secret list wich contains those things that he\she wants to do at least once in life . Fun things , interesting discoveries or to keep memories .

Is a good way if we keep trying to push ourselves to limits sometimes , by trying something new , or just thinking “Life must be lived ”

This is the “To do once in life “list  .

Try singing Karaoke

Even is your voice does not sound so good try finding the courage of stepping in front of the audience and sing your favorite song .

The result ? Lot of fun and bit of adrenalin .

Invent a new food recipe


Even the biggest Chefs started by experimenting in their home kitchen .

Swim with dolphins and fish

Every person who tried this experience has described as being an incredible one .

You should try it to !

Create your own garden


This type of activity is having a lot of benefits for the mental health .

Is an activity full of satisfaction and ideas  .

Learn how to paint

This activity does not involve any age limit . Is a fun way to discover new talents and having opportunity to be appreciated for this .

Go travel ! Visit all Continents


Try this unique opportunity alone , With your lover  or even with your best friends .

Try a new sport

Even if you want to choose an extreme sport like parachute jumping or skydive , this unique activities will offer you different sensations that cannot be compared with nothing lived before .


Dining out

Try to dine out with your partner . Simply take your plates , food and a blanket Stop in a park or where you feel comfortable . Enjoy !


A. C.


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