You need to Stop saying this to your partner . Him will leave sooner than you think

This words are destroying forever your love relation !

Definitely all womans want to build together with their man the perfect relation . Full of love and harmony and long-lasting type .

Exactly for this reason is important to don’t search any reason to start a fight . If this thing already started , you need to find the perfect harmony idea so that the conflict could stop .

Is really important that you should never tell him this words :

 “I already knew that “


When you tell your partner this words  especially with a face full of unhappiness , him will lose any wish of making something or wanting to spend time with you .

Him will feel humiliated just because you want to appear more intelligent than him . Don’t compare yourself to your partner .

_ “You never do nothing ! I’ll do it myself !”

After this words no other man will never want to do something for you . All what a man need is to know that his woman needs him and she is proud with him , even appreciating his work .

Is simple even for you , all you need to do is to exercise appreciation for him . Ask him when you need a hand . If someone make a mistake does not mean that he will do it forever . Make him feel wanted .

“I’m so sorry that I’ve met you “


This type of words will bring the break up point in your relationship even closer than you want  . Starting from this you will not be able to avoid  scandals , fights ….

“They have so much , Instead you … You have nothing “

Never ever compare your man with other people , is not ok especially when you even tell him this . You will instantly hear a reply : “well then , go with them if you want more”.


The best resulting for obtaining something from your man is to discuss with him , tell him what you don’t like , ask him what to change .

“Oh !!! You are buying things that we don’t need !”

More painful is when he is buying you something for decoration , or a new soap ’cause it smell like spring . Lett him tell you the reason and then try to appreciate the gesture . Never let someone to feel the his effort does not worth a hug or a smile .

“Who the **** is she ? “

Give up to possession taken to extreme . You don’t need to insult your partner just because your are not a logical woman and you are not even have the patience to wait .

We all need friend , even you even him .




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