Mental health is more important than career . This is what the experts say about work

Working offices  are called “modern danger” . This because we should work like robots or cars just to satisfy the need of the boss or just from the fear to not lose our job  .

Is quite a big lie when we are considering ourself as being success people , judging by the fact that you work inside an office .

Arround the world people are paying such a big price for what they call Success .


Let’s speak out the truth and admit it . Depression is a mondial disease .

Working untill exhausting and refusing to spend time with your family just to work , means the major risk of getting in a relationship with Depression .

For some people being busy has become an honor . This type of people are thinking like cars who are racing at maximum speed and they don’t have patience with anyone who is not like them .

Did you knew that the period in which we are living now is called “Anxiety Era ”

What a lot of people don’t understand is that they don’t need to work untill they are asleep of destroy themselves .


We as humans we like to work and get our targets done well , it makes us proud , allow us to developing ourself. Working offer us an identity and give us the chance to realise that we feel good when working , although not to much .

Sometimes at work you don’t have what you need , this thing make you even slowly and leaving office later because you just have to finish this thing . Right ?

What is not right is the fact that you are assuming the risk of ruining your health , mental health or psychical health .

Will you be able to manage stress for all your life ?


Take care of your health . your work is 50% and health 50% than : 100% – 50%-50% = 0 % left for you . Is this fair ??


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