If you can’t tell your partner this things then he is not the right one for you

It’s important to establish a relation based on trust and respect with your partner . Between you two needs to be a deep connexion , and no place for fear or embarrass .

What type of things you should tell to your partner , so that you two could create the right connection ?

When should you Stop and break-up with your partner ?


We all want the perfect relation based on a novel or even to could create our own book .

How many of us know how to speak or say what they really wish for ?

Don’t be afraid to tell when you’re not in the mood .

If your partner ever makes you feel guilty that you are in a bad mood or to emotional then is the time to break up with him/her .


The most important in a relation is to be yourself . If this thing is not available for you then your relation will not succeed .

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Don’t tell him/her about your ex’s !

That’s a huge rule ! You don’t need to tell your partner what a great kisser was your ex  .

Still you need to tell him at least the name of your ex . After all they had an influence on you , of whom you’ve become . This is the only reason why they (ex’s) need mentioned .

Tell him/her if you want more sex

You don’t need to be shy in front of your partner . If you want more  contact , sex , or just touching you definitely need to tell this . Your partner does not always need to initiate things , you could do this to !


Speak about your plans about future

Don’t aspect that you will have the same plans about future . Maybe she wants a family and kids , you are not ready to involve in any seriously relation yet .

But you will not know untill you will talk about this .

Talk about your religion

For some people religion is a very important culture and they are not able to sacrifice the rituals and ideas for yours . If him is very religious and she is not you need to talk so theat you could establish a plan of how to raise your childs .

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Tell him when you are ready to move together in the same house .

Better that knocking at the door with all your luggage is to have a small talk where you could tell him how much you love him and always dreamed that  you and your man will live in the same house . Don’t put too much pressure , just wait him to ask you .


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