Why did Donatella sold Versace Fashion House to Michael Kors ? Is this about a man ?

Before she sold the company wich wears her name – Versace to Michael Kors , Donatella answered to some questions and seemed so so happy and creative with her fashion designer lifestyle .

Now , having 63 years old , Donatella shocked everybody with her decision of selling Versace .

When asked about a man in her life , Donatella smiled and answered “A man who can make me listen , that’s a man I like . First I listen to him and then , maybe I look at him . ”

She was never so open in a discussion about a man . Is she in love ?  Could this huge brand Versace selling be about a man ? Maybe she needs time or he needs her time .

Him Worthing 2,1 billion $ and give up to carrier ?


This move of Donatella has outraged many fans of her .

Donatella Instagram account was bombarded with questions starting with : “Why ? ” Some of them even mentioned her brother Giani Versace in their comments .

“If Giani Versace still here , he will cry “mentioned @garconfrankie in one of his photos .

According to sources , Italian fashion editors attending Paris Fashion Week have been mourning the loss of “another great piece of Italian fashion”.


Versace will join Bulgari as an example of family-run that was eventually sold .

Michael Kors agreed that the lyne of style representing Versace will not be chanced and the attention given to materials and details will remain the same , meaning that will represent the luxury and quality .

Fans are hopping that Donatella and staff , still work in next fashion collections or maybe still have some type of involving .

“Only Donatella could give life to Versace Fashion House .” – according to @acwoa

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