Here are 22 things you have to give up until the beginning of the new year. You should start now

Things and thoughts that you have to forget by the end of the year. You still have time. There are things that if you can  get over them  and give up on them you will  be able to create the perfect lifestyle for you.

It’s only a few months before we get into the new year. Why don’t you read  what it’s about and recognize where you’re wrong?

1 Do not act impulsively. When you are agitated to make bad decisions, these decisions will only lead to problems. Stop creating problems.

2 Forget small reasons to start a fight. If you think intensely about each seed of the fight and insist on this subject the scandal will amplify.

3 Stop comparing yourself with others! Have not you tired of comparing yourself with everybody you know? Nothing can be more frustrating than to hear constantly with what you are better than others or what you are less prepared than they are.

Young woman making a mistake
Young woman making a mistake on a pink background

4 Do not run from troubles ! They will follow anyway.

5 Do not allow the mistakes of others or their envy toward you to ruin your day.

6 Be yourself and don’t wear any masks. It’s a rule of life.

7 Do not criticize people close to you. Every people  is different and has the right to his own decisions and life principles. Just because you are close and you understand this does not mean they will think like you.

8 Do not become an materialistic person . Not the price of things is the one that matters, but the meaning it carries.

9 Pay attention to your family. Nothing can make you happier than the quality time spent with your family.

10 Do not seek happiness in other people. They will not make you happy. as they say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the viewer.”

11 Do not expect rewards for what you are doing. You must accept that sometimes you will not receive anything in return for your effort.

12 Be sincere and straight. Being fake is not hot!

13 The priorities of others are not your priorities. Take care of yourself!


14 Trust your intuition. You will often feel like doing the right thing.

15 You can make a change anytime and anywhere. You do not have to wait for the right time or the right place to make a change.

16 Do not rush things. Good results are obtained with patience.

17 Do not try to please everyone. Is not fair-play.

18 Do not discourage yourself.

19 Take advantage of the opportunities in life. Many of them will be  unique chances that life will give you. Do not be lazy and do not delay them.

20 Do not be afraid to start again on a new road in life. If you have reason to change your destiny, then you accept the risk of being happy.


21 Do not return to the places where you were unhappy.

22 Pay attention to the dreams and demands of your friends. So you can see if you have common points.

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