All men fall in love with the woman who has this gesture

Most women ask themselves: what women man are preffering ? Those who wear make up and  permanent shoes with a heel? Or do they prefer sensitive women to be defended? In reality, there is a gesture that makes the woman irresistible.

Research has come to the conclusion that all men fall in love with  happiness. Does this shock you? Should not . Is it strange that a happy person gets appealing?


A woman who emanates light and positive energy conveys the message that anyone can be happy with her. By our nature we are selfish beings. That is why, when choosing our partner, we take priority into our own needs. When we see a happy person at the subconscious level, we think that we will inevitably become happy with it. Of course, happiness is a pretty abstract concept, but you can be sure that every happy person has these features: Do not pressure yourself with trouble and worry Looking for a happy person, you feel a certain sense of calm.

She does not feel sorry for herself and does not complain all over the world.

She feels good anytime and anywhere.


She feels happiness only because she lives in this world.

She smiles very often . Based on this idea Psychologists have organized an interesting experiment on this subject. Several photos were shown to participants. Some were people who smiled and some of those who had a serious mimic. Then they asked who the people in the pictures looked more sympathetic. As you could have figured out, most chose the photos where people smiled, even if the people who did not smile in the pictures were objectively physically attractive.

She has a good attitude towards people . A new person was hired to work at your office , and it looks strange to you. Does anyone have an attempt to get acquainted with you? Looks like she’s ugly. How often do we assign a negative label to people without realizing. That is why we really need to cherish people who have a positive attitude towards life.

She knows how and when to talk about other things, not just about herself .  About what you like or not , you just can not find this type of disscusion  out there  on social media . But if you talk to a person, will you be able to make it smile, raise your mood , right ?  This is important for her and for him . 


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