Why travel to Gili Lankanfushi?

Among the most luxurious resorts in Maldives we find Gili Lankanfushi. It has luxurious accommodation, located close to the sun and water.

It is located in North Malé Atoll, just 20 minutes’ boat ride from Malé International Airport. Which can be very relaxing because you will not have a long and tiring journey. Near the island you will have the perfect painting of a wonderful holiday (white sand, palm trees, cocoons and wooden houses).

The surroundings and the rooms you will sleep in are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Bonus will always arrange the decor of the room with freshly broken flowers or vivid plants to embellish the look of the room and to surprise you pleasantly. All these small details will relax your stay and encourage you to have no care other than relaxation and self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge in their vision also implies the sports the resort staff have chosen for you. Activities like:

Fitness center. Always a good idea to choose at least the 30 daily daily recommended by specialists a day. Sports will not make you stay longer, but it will help you have more energy throughout the day.

Organic Garden. Nothing can be more beautiful than a walk in a dream landscape accompanied by bird song specific to the area and knowing what you are eating .

Gifts and Jewelery Shop – A Wonderful Idea to Buy Souvenirs Some Even Handmade

Gili Veshi – Marine Biology Shack

Jungle Cinema Lagoon Champa

Wedding Pavillion

 Library – You could enrich your knowledge and know the area’s culture better.

Meera Spa – A great relaxation idea. Massage is chosen by you guided by masseuses.

Ocean Paradise Dive Center

Pool Table


Surf Shack by Tropicsurf Tennis

Court Yoga Champa.

What you probably did not know about Gili Lankanfushi is that they have a plastic policy on the island. From this, you’ll notice that everything around you is built using sustainably-sourced plantation teak, palm wood, bamboo and palm fronds and even some recycled telegraph poles.

You can ask for a bicycle to ride through the island’s forest, you will be delighted with this experience.

Food will delight you because Gili Lankanfushi serves FINE DINING. What’s wonderful, is not it? You can hardly resist all kinds of food because they all look so good and fresh .


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