Schloss Eller Dusseldorf is always a good ideea !

Okay, you arrived in Germany more precisely in Dusseldorf, you do not quite understand German language but you still want to know what to see here, why did you come here? We will show you the most beautiful and friendly places to visit from your own experience. You need to know that you need a lot of time to visit because the tourist attractions are many and stretch on a fairly large surface. We see only the benefits of physical movement, new places, new cultures, new people and wonderful landscapes.

Our choice for today is Schloss Eller Dusseldorf 

Our article is about Eller Castle in Dusseldorf. It contains generous park landscapes, a huge playground for children all ages. This park is laid out by the English and French styles.

The Düsseldorfer Herbstfestival Schloss Eller is an exclusive event in a historical ambience. More than 100 handpicked exhibitors present exclusive jewelery, unique fashion, hats, accessories, antiques and high quality furniture, as well as unique pieces of selected artists, antique fountains, plant rarities, wine from different provenances and delicacies of supraregional suppliers at the Herbstfestival Düsseldorf. An extensive culinary offer as well as an interesting program with live music completes the Düsseldorfer Herbstfestival at Schloss Eller.

It’s not hard to find the park and what’s even more beautiful in Dusseldorf is that anywhere you are located no park is too far away from you. Whether you want to spend some time out of a shopping spree, are interested in modern art or just want to relax on a bench in front of one of the river, The Eller Schloss is what we recommand.

The castle hosts festivals throughout the year. Our choice for this year was the Autumn Festival or Herbst Festival as they say it. You will be glad to know that they have a very large parking lot and the costs for a day of parking are low 2 euro / day. Once you’ve solved the problem of “where will you park your car?” You can start to notice the architecture of the castle that is amazing.

Tips :

Do not forget your jacket at home, you might need.

Do not come in high heels . It will be a long distance to walk .

Playgrounds for children are large spaces and well-equipped from kindergarten to those who love skateboarding or football. Even for you if you want to move or run through a park full of oxygen. You will feel full of energy even after a simple walk.

You can also opt for a tour guide or simply ask the staff of the castle if you have any doubts because they speak English well enough.

During the HerbstFestival , you can find fresh food, Swiss cheese, grill, lobsters, vegans food , German food, homemade condiments, honey, fresh vegetables, cakes, ice cream, fruit


Also there you will see art exhibitions of local painters who are very talented, exhibitions of sculptures of creators who have a gorgeous imagination, jewelery handmade, Outdoor or garden decorations and these are also in the handmade category. Their effort, talent and imagination will make you fall in love with their artwork.

You will be able to walk around the your pet(s) since the germans are lovers of dogs or cats . You will see some of most beautifuls dogs walking around you , even so they will be bound in the leash . Safety comes first .

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