These natural home remedies to treat and prevent illness come from our own personal experience, are educational only .

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most effective natural remedies in treating a cold because it increases white blood cell production and can also help prevent virus multiplication while reducing mucus and inflammation from the nasal passages. You can consume vitamin C in the form of pills, but alternatives are surprisingly high in vitamin C fruits and vegetables, namely, oranges, cauliflower, lemons, broccoli, strawberries, cabbage, peaches, kiwi, tomatoes and parsley.


If your nose is flowing or drooling, eat pepper at the table, wash your mouth with pepper and warm water, or just smell pepper (in a small amount!) Can help effectively treat any congestion, thanks its content of capsaicin, which is known to thin the mucus. Pepper is also effective in getting rid of microbes in the nasal passages


Chicken soup

Chiken soup is rich in nutrients and essential vitamins to treat a cold. Scientific studies have shown that it can thin the secretions of mucus, and carbohydrates in broth and noodles can help maintain a high level of energy.


Eating raw ginger or drinking ginger tea is two natural remedies prepared in the house, commonly known as helping to treat cold symptoms. Take about 10 grams of ginger and cut into small pieces before boiling in a cup of water. Consume this mixture at least twice a day.


Garlic has antiseptic properties that can help protect the immune system against a common cold, and scientific studies have shown that allicin contained in garlic can act as a stimulator of white blood cells. Garlic oil helps to open the airways, and if consumed as a soup, it can help remove toxins from the system and reduce fever. Boil 3 to 6 cloves of garlic chopped together with a cup of water and drink this soup 2 or 3 times a day. If you do not like garlic soup, try to put 3 to 5 drops of garlic oil in your food or in the beverages you consume



As many mothers probably already know, the key to curing any type of cold is to give as much fluids as possible. Of course, they can come in the form of water or juice, but tea is a warm liquid that can help prevent dry throat and nose. Tea consumption is again a common remedy, prepared naturally in the house to treat influenza, as it helps prevent dehydration. Chamomile and green tea, in particular, can be extremely effective in treating a cold, because, like other teas, it acts as an antioxidant that can help eliminate toxins and infectious bacteria in the body.

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