The smile can have unpredictable effects on both us and others. Some of these you will find out from our special article prepared for you

A list of reasons why it is good to smile, no matter how hard it is:

  The smile, whether good or forced, can help you get over the everyday problems.

The smile makes you a more beautiful and attractive person, your personality will have to win. Sex appeal comes from not physical appearance. Right?

When you smile you can interact with more people, it will be much easier to enlarge your friends list. It’s really important to feel good about your friends.


This movement of the muscles called  smile is actually a facial gymnastics. So just benefits so far . 

It is said that those who smile live more because they do not gather so much stress and there are no  people who want to stay in closed all day in  the room. Nature can sometimes help you find your smile, even the animals. If you have a zoo next to you, we recommend going there.

The most beautiful reason we have discovered is that when you smile you can show the world that you are a winner. So you’re a winner?

Smile, like yawning, is contagious. If someone smiles you will smile too, it’s a reaction you can not easily control.


When you smile, the body releases endorphins, and they naturally fight stress. Levels of stress hormones decrease due to smile. And a smile stimulates the immune system.

When you smile you can inspire people around you the idea of ​​self-confidence. What can be better than being good at everything?

Smile is the one that brings the laughter, and laughter is a real drug. The latter lowers blood pressure.

The smile stimulates the brain more than chocolate and will help you get over the depression or pain more easily.

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