Who was and why did Alexander McQueen killed himself?

Lee Alexander McQueen, the designer was born in a family with 6 children. McQueen has publicly stated that he is a homosexual at the age of 16, describing him as the pink sheep of the family In London she enrolled at Central Saint Martins Fashion School.

After graduation, McQueen launched its own brand in East End, London.  Isabella Blow a fashion editor at a specialty magazine. She discovers Alexander and purchases all of his creations at graduating from the school for £ 5,000 Central Saint Martin. In 1996 he became the main designer of the Givenchy fashion house.

Until 2007, he boasted the fact that among the stars in Hollywood were Rihanna and LadyGaga who often wore his outfits, some even in the artists’ videos. In 2018 a more accessible online mahas appeared, who appreciates his work.

The tragic news is that the famous 40-year-old British fashion designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide on February 11, 2010 three years after her close friend Isabella Blow – who had left him anonymous and helped him become famous, he committed suicide in his turn.

We hope to be a coincidence and we certainly appreciate the work and talent that he has proven. Rumors say this death would have been due to mass media news that would not understand homosexuality, and many of the news about the late Alexander were too personal and too unreal. He suffered from depression and anxiety.Fashion Designer Alexander Mcqueen Found Dead ZPhQaWUiyt3l

McQueen left a note saying “Please take care of my dogs. I’m sorry, I love you. Lee. “

On February 3, 2010, the designer announced on his Twitter account that his mother died the day before, adding the message” RIP mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. ” Four days later, he also wrote on Twitter that he had a terrible week, but his friends supported him a lot and added that he needed to find a way to gather and move on. It seems that the method was not found or did not bear fruit, given the tragic ending that followed. His ashes was scattered on SKYE Island.

The body of Alexander McQueen is removed from his residence in Green Street, Mayfair The fashion designer was found dead at his London home, after allegedly taking his own life – just a week after his mother passed away. Representatives for the 40 year old – real name Lee McQueen – have confirmed the star’s body was found at the property early on Thursday (11Feb10). London, England

Rest in peace, Alexander!

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