Thinking about honeymoon ? This is the best place for lovers

When it comes to honeymoon I imagine beach, sun, ocean, quiet and much love. Not all offers on the internet are valid and do not all respect the peace and privacy that you and your partner need.

I decided to present you the most perfect places for your honeymoon – A.C. approved:

# 1 Meeru Island Resort & Spa

The perfect place for lovers. The beach is beautiful, the fine and white sand makes you fall in love with this place. They have exclusive Honeymoon Suites of 90 square meters that are on the water on the East side of the island. There are two restaurants: an all-you-can-eat buffet that mixes the traditional cuisine of Maldives and the European. Second is one A la carte restaurants wich include Asian Wok, specializing in Asian food and Hot Rocks, where you can enjoy your meal directly in the table, in the volcanic rocks.Once they know what to look for, guests can join half-day adventures to explore the natural wonders .

#2 Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort

How would you feel to start your day with a freshly ground coffee and a glass of cool mineral water, sunshine and a gorgeous panorama? Well you can enjoy and swim, snorkeling or just sit on a beach chair. You can visit even Viking Cave, and a large limestone cavern where ancient rock paintings can be found.

#3 Malibu California – Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay

A nice trail leads to the summit of a clear day the view is amazing. It’s a fantastic place to watch the sunset. California’s luxurious oceanfront hotels offer an incredible range of ways to spend the night in style .

#4 Wadiji Island – Fiji

Wadigi Island encapsulates with evocative romance all the poetics  of the South Pacific. It is a magical island and no wonder it has become a brand. You have your own personal hostess and house-keeper who understand the importance of privacy.

#5  Darjeeling India

Spend lazy afternoons in the games rooms, which has pool and table tennis facilities.The luxury accommodation provided at the resort include spacious Family Rooms and lavish Suites. Dining options include a grand buffet restaurant serving some of the best food in town, an English bar with lovely sunset views and a charming multi-cuisine restaurant.


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