Want to know how to have succes ? -> Here are some tips

Accumulating knowledge does not guarantee your success, as is the ability to achieve them through experience. It feels so good to have the right knowledge .

The good idea, without being verbalized and applied, is nothing! Is like you buy a new car but never drive it , mmm… not for me  .

Opportunities should not be sought but created. Take advances of opportunities

Logic will take you from plan A to plan B , Intelligence will take you everywhere .Unplanned events influence our lives only by 10%, the other 90% are dictated by our reaction to this kind of happenings.

What has begun today will no longer be able to be completed tomorrow, which is why we must never have to wait. Hurry and Live your Life nobody makes it batter than you after all you own the power to decide what to do and what to say .

Waiting for the perfect circumstances to accomplish your plans, you can get to nothing.If you really wish something don’t wait . Wait for what ? Don’t give up to your chance to be happy .

As long as you continue to do what you are used to, you will only receive what you are accustomed to receiving. Give yourself the chance to try something else you will experience new feeling and even power or confidence , STOP being such a “I-know-what-to-do” person , surprise yourself .

You do not have to be afraid of the changes. In most cases, they happen exactly when it’s supposed to happen.

Discipline is necessary in cases where you have to choose between what you really want to do and what you want to do right now. Sometimes you desperately need discipline in your life so that you don’t need to make mistakes .


The more complicated the road, the more resounding will be the success in the end.Totally agree : I need a full story book-life .

Hard times can not last forever, but if man creates his own problems, that’s forever. There is no place in your days for mistakes , solve them don’t create !

The existence of an imperfect plan is better than its lack.

First of all, you have to learn to say YES, this will open up more possibilities for your manifestation and help you determine your purpose. But once you are sure you have found it, you must learn to say NO to limit the penetration of any obstacle to your goal. 

There are many things that you do not know about, or about which you have misinterpreted. Do not rush to tell everyone how deep your beliefs are. Being happy and having success are two absolutely different things.


A. C.


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