Why women don’t cook any more ?

It seems like women who know how to cook are more likely to be in a relationship then women that don’t.

#1 Cooking takes skill and practice. A fully stocked kitchen with the right equipment and supplies takes time and is expensive. So, unless you’re actually interested and enjoy it, why bother?

#2 “I don’t cook !” It’s not even about relationships.
It’s more about being healthy & not wasting money on eating out.


#3 Women Resent having to make an effort. Unfortunately, some women in  these days have nothing to offer (sad) . They don’t have the domestic skills of their foremothers and despite all the fanfare very few of them have genuine careers not that a career, genuine or otherwise is a selling point to men anyway.


#4Lack of proper parenting. Parents let their daughters read fashion magazines and tabloids, instead of teaching them how to survive.


#5 Lost their interest . Some  girls I know can only make ramen/cup noodles or one dish. They can’t even get scrambled eggs right.

#6 It depends on the MAN . Womans have more options in what interests but mans need to support them and encourage to  pursue these days.


#7 It’s just not the time to cook. Some women when they meet the right man want to do everything to look perfect and start from simple bacon eggs and get close to the perfect plate in just a few months. So soul mate expect to be fat because once the secrets of the kitchen have been discovered, they have to be tested.

#8  They do not have time. This problem is more common. They are more busy with work and sink into work because they have lost control or because they simply have no other solution. Lack of time = more fastfood. Try to spend  time with your  dear ones because in the kitchen there is nothing more beautiful than receiving praise for your effort.

By the way I trust women in the fact that they have inside a great 6* CHEF but they need to practice . Go girl !

A. C.



  1. Exactly why I am a food blogger. We seem to have lost the skill and desire to cook. Which I can understand when we have fast food and uber eats. However, it’s definitely something I hope we learn to get back into. Thanks for sharing this.

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