Who is and Why I love Franz Kafka ?

Kafka is an illustrious psychoanalist of the human soul. Franz Kafka, the genius of the Czech writer, said that the purpose of literature is to revive our most lousy inner feelings that would otherwise be impossible to analyze but begging our attention. His first book and who conquered me

#1 Verdict

“Verdict” is a work, excellent, absurd! It’s about the protagonist Georg Bendemann who is a businessman who shares a small apartment with his father and who, at some point, decides to marry Frieda Brandelfeld, and a wealthy family girl. George decides to announce his father and his old friend, who has been living in Petersburg for about four years, about the event that is about to change his life. But, in an inexplicable way, the old father suddenly becomes brutal and vehement in affirmations. Sentences, blames and curses of his father urge Georg, who was a very happy man only a quarter of an hour, to drown in the river.


#2 Metamorphosis

Nuvela debuts with the description of Gregor Samsa, a young man who used to work hard for the maintenance of his family, who wakes up one morning, noting that he has metamorphosed in a beetle. Of course his whole family: the father, mother and sister Grete were deeply shocked by what happened. However, the family decides to tolerate it, but soon they become more disgusted by the hideous insect that lives in the same house with them, and which, in addition, does not bring them any income anymore.


#3 Before the law

Kafka uses his work “Before the Law” as an instrument for the promotion of fear as the ultimate catalyst of human existential drama. A peasant who wants to discover the sublime essence of the law reaches the gates of the law guarded by a goalkeeper. Initially, the entrance is forbidden to the peasant, but he does not revolt, but only asks for a chair on which he sits to wait for the moment he will be allowed to enter. After that, the watchman warns the peasant about two other guards, who are beyond the world they are now and who are much stronger, bigger and more violent than him. From fear of colliding with the other guards, the peasant sat in the chair until the end of his days, finding just before death that the gates of the law were open only to him all this time, but he did not have the courage to enter.


Do you like his books ?


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