Do you know that taking care of your soul and body is to build your own life ?

Here’s what I mean :

  • Taking care of your soul and body is to build your own life the way you want, by modifying and remodeling your being until it becomes truly happy. Stop reanimating your body and thoughts, unplugging your phone, making your aroma teas and taking a hot bath.
  • Do all these things in order to relax, not to get away from the toxic world you’ve built around you. Hidden-Deep-Meanings-Illustrations-Destinyblue-fb4.png
  • At first glance, this vision may seem strange and certainly different from what we are accustomed to believe in, but believe me: it is much more effective and closer to an authentic feeling of happiness. It’s not the superficial approach your diet breaks in by breaking out of a delicious chocolate cake.
  • We have to realize that we ourselves are building an unbearable reality in which we can barely survive from one pseudo-perceived moment to another. But true self-care means building a harmonious personality whose reality is subordinate to it. Be the person you want to become, for you will only understand what true self-care means!2017_11_30_36667_1512028887._large


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