Do you know how to express feelings ? It is one of the hardest step for this people

When it comes to love the hardest this in the world id to verbalize it . How many times have you tried to tell someone what you feel and stopped because you could find the right words ? Is that normal ?

Some times you even google it about “how to tell my feelings ” . The internet is full of others experience from their own life . Thins is not enough for you and doesn’t mixed all your thoughts and ideas together .


Want some ideas of how to improve your speech about love and feelings ?

The best way to be able to verbalize your feelings is to try . Little bit today , little bit tomorrow …


First you need to know what do you love about your partner . Expressing love , staying connected and find solutions together is essential for you and your partner . Try to talk more about solutions for the actual problems . Your partner will help by asking you all kind of stuff . It’s easy when you need to answer and not starting any idea by yourself .


Try to find a therapist . Sometimes having a lot of frustration by other parts of your mind can block the courage to express love . Even if it sounds crazy , the scientists have studied this type of comportment and got this explication . Try to make it easier for you and your partner and let him listen to you .


Self-expression is one of the hardest thing to do.

Don’t expect immediate success .

Make sure you are not having this conversation just to get back at your partner . If something didn’t worked for you it will never work again .

Don’t hurt yourself just because you think you need him/her back .

When the perfect person for you will appear in your life , will know how to take care of you and listen you . Then you will now that you can’t keep your feelings unverbalized any more .


Create yourself the perfect ambiance so that you can speak about your feelings . For some people the place or the decor of the place has a huge impact on their speech .



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