This will be possible when you dedicate yourself to the

According to Scott Adams’s theory, we recommend creating a system rather than focusing on results. The system consists of looking for new opportunities uninterrupted. “People who focus exclusively on results are in a constant state of affliction, which they consider temporary. People-oriented system treats any failure as a chance to learn something new and as an opportunity to turn that failure into its favor. ” For example, if you’re thinking about diet, then dropping 20 pounds is a goal, a result, and healthy food is a system. If we refer to a marathon, then to run 4 hours is a goal, and run daily to stay in shape is a system. The most important thing is that your job will surely ensure your progress, because the concrete results will be visible in the future. You do not have to focus on the result. Better think about how to become better in what you do and how to accumulate new skills. This will be possible when you dedicate yourself to the work you do, when you expand your horizons and you will not be afraid to risk.


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