“Mature women can bring the man home. ” – Paulo Coelho Are you a mature woman ?

Mature women know that if the man is really theirs, control is absolutely useless. Immature women “check” the man who did not call them. The mature women are too busy to notice that he did not call. Immature women are trying to “chain” a man using the attraction. The mature women know that only intelligence can cause a man to want to “chain” you.

The mature and mature couples, in the same situation, say, “Stop,” get up, get dressed and go. Immature women are afraid of the times they are on their own. Mature women appreciate these periods and use them as precious time in which you can make great personal progress. Immature women can bring a man to orgasm, mature women can bring the man home.


I agree with what Paulo Coelho said. It’s hard to have a mature woman, mentally speaking, because a mature woman is advanced in thinking not in the number of years lived. How many men do not dream of a determined and independent woman who still accepts his help and loves him? Or how many women have not become envious of that girlfriend who has come to run a company? But I know one thing, maturity comes with the desire to make changes and accepting that you are strong.

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