How to be a good woman in your relationship ? You still can change this

Is hard to manage efficiently a relationship this days . Especially when you are a woman . Sometimes there is so much pressure on you and no one cares .

Is not that you are alone is that you feel alone . Also in all this time you tried to keep your relation safe .

The problem is that you don’t know how and all others things that you’ve tried in the past failed . Why ? Is that your problem , Are you missing something ? Or is that just them whom are not interested to appreciate your efforts ?


When it comes to happiness and freedom you need to know this rules :

 Speak more slowly and more coherently, so you can be understood .

Sweet talking brings a lot of success when it come to couples. Try not to raise the tone of your voice. 

Keep your clear mind and peaceful thoughts even if you feel like you want to destroy everything around you.


Your partner should feel that he is a part of your life and can even  support  you when needed . A wise woman respects her partner and waits the same thing in returning from him. Respect your life partner.


A smart woman will not hold anyone near her if they don’t want to. Give freedom to your partner and don’t become like a prison guardian .

Keep a distance .You need to be a girlfriend, don’t try to blackmail so that anybody could love you . That is simply unfair. If you need to make an effort to keep your man in a relationship then let him go. Break it down because you spend your time and his time . You’ll get two old people who have never known the real meaning of love .


Do not humiliate your partner in the presence of other people. That way he’ll be even safer and together you can do many beautiful things . How would you feel to be humiliated in public? Or in front of  your parents ? It’s not a feeling you can easily accept, right? A woman must protect and love .


Give him support. The man who feels that the partner’s has support time for him, will also provide support.

The support you give to your man will be offered back when you need it and when you do not expect to receive it . You are a woman and you need a soul helping you to realise that  he can help you even with the smallest gestures. Try it .



Give up criticism. Try to be an understanding person. Keep the rule: little criticism, a lot of confidence.


Learn to save. Women tend to spend too much. Make everyone feel you can manage the money.


Spend time with your partner more often. He will feel your supported and respected by you . A little trick is to kiss your partner before asking him something.

Confirm your words by deeds.

Always what you say or promise. This is the definition of a powerful woman .

 Smile more often. Good mood will give you the confidence you need.

The woman who is always calm, wise and balanced awakes  admiration from the others people , even another womans .

We know it’s hard for you to discover all your strengths and put them into practice. But we also know that success gained easily and quickly is not a success.

You must appreciate your own efforts and encourage yourself whenever you need it. You don’t need to become an anonymous person on the road to success .


Every womanneeds to keep her  femininity and gentleness even if she is surrounded by problems.

A. C.

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