How to improve your lifestyle? Some minor lifestyle changes can have a major effect on your life.

  • The surrounding world is neither good nor bad – it is only indifferent. Indeed . The only one in control of your life is you. No one around you can influence you in your decisions YOU are the strong one.


  • Try to get pleasure from every thing that happens to you in life.

    The best feeling you can get comes from joy. And how do you know how to enjoy yourself for what you can see, touch, feel or hear if you do not practice?

  • Do not forget that you will not have another life.

    Enjoy now as much as possible. The motto of some in life is: “If tomorrow I die I do not want to have unfulfilled desires”



  • Do not be angry at every trifle.

    One of the main sources to failure is nervousness. Try in stressful situations to get as far as possible or to do short relaxation exercises from yoga classes.

  • Do not look so much on TV.

    I say this because you can lose important moments in your life with friends or family even by yourself. what will you tell the children when they ask you what you did 20 years ago? Will you tell them you watched all the TV channels trying to run away from the world? Not always life on TV is the real one.

  • Remember – you do not owe it to anyone.

    There are many people who will tell you that you owe them. Fake! You do not owe anyone, and you can not force someone to owe you just because you helped him. Everything you do is because you want it not because you feel indebted.


  • Remember – no one owes you anything.

    As I said above, you can not make anyone feel uncomfortable with you. It’s a very bad feeling to make someone feel bad. How would you feel?

  • Do not do politics, it destroys people.

    Politics as well as religion separate people, love stories, partnerships, friends, and even destiny. Try not to start a discussion about politics, focus on what surrounds you. The people around you are not objects are part of your life! Focus on this

  • In life you trust only in yourself.

    Because you are the only one who can think how will a hasty decision affect you and how will you feel, fulfilled or empty? Do not make your decisions in haste or when you’re upset. A cup of tea and 10 minutes of meditation on the problem can do miracles.

  • Do not believe in promises, but belive in what you feel.

    Promises are not facts. Trust your instincts and feelings because you can have very good results. After all, a happy life is the one that brings you soulful fulfillment, does not it? Trust in yourself and give yourself free feelings.



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