Become richer and healthier with this advices

Become richer and healthier with this advices :

  • When you just stop to want and start acting, you will realize your dreams.

  • It is very difficult, but equally important, to learn to be patient. At any ill-fated event you react with a pause you will use to calm yourself.

  • When you have a negative attitude towards life, you project these emotions on it, they are then reflected in your own destiny. 

  • You have to be authentic and accept your defects. But at the same time allow others to be themselves, do not constrain them, and try to change them. Then you will not be disappointed because of false expectations.

  • Your reality is created by you. What you draw, that thing and you will see. The problem is that people do the opposite. What I see projects in his life. 

  • If you have the feeling that you are not like everyone, or that society does not work properly, then you begin to realize what is happening around you.

  • If you will visualize in your mind what you want, it will, rather or later, materialize. Not only do you depend on reality, but it is also built on you.


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