Become happier

We have to experience some ordinary things in another way.

That is why we have to understand that the only thing we have to do seriously is to behave less seriously towards ourselves.

They are not able to understand that the totality of perceptions and personal assumptions about life are just a symbiosis of the hereditary and social conditions that have influenced them to believe in them. And that’s the biggest problem.

Change ideas from the brain and you will see that you can change the world. Do you have to start somewhere? And how else would you go for a change if not with a good plan?


“Playing” so with fate – every vision, conviction, conception and experience of ours is only a flexible substance that we can mold and then remodel at our pleasure, so that eventually all these processes contribute to the development our personality.


They believe in each other’s conviction, and when someone tries to expose another view different from theirs, it becomes the worst enemy.

Continue to be who you are, become more versatile. There is nothing wrong with talking to you, that is, everyone is doing it either loudly, or just thinking. Learn to communicate with your body and listen to your heart with a dose of reality.

Make a list of habits to check on each day. Such as:

  • wake up smiling even if it rains
  • 5 minutes of yoga in the morning
  • correct placement of bedding before coffee
  • punctuality is first




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