About sentimental crooks

There are sentimental scandals and in relationships. The character of the crook is that he’s lying. And it does so well that you can hardly figure it out. Moreover, it always makes the guy feel guilty about it. Besides, the sense of guilt is totally absent. Manipulating, he challenges the woman she’s in relationship to feel guilty of everything: “You knew what to expect,” “You provoked me to do that.” Handling is the basic style of the sentimental scammer.


He can simulate false emotions – That’s why so many sacrifices fall in love with him. It is certain that behind these statements you will find no sincerity. The lack is in the soul. More precisely in its absence. And that means there is no human sense and emotion. Of course, a crook can mimic emotions. But the only real emotion that guides him is the “hungry animal” feeling, which causes him to get what he wants. All his life is rotating around a goal: searching for new sacrifices. Sometimes the scammers return to the relationships they left. I’m doing it to check if you’re still his victim. Then it’s best to think about why you were still in touch with him.



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