What helps you deal with normal frustrations in life? You get stuck because of this wrong ideas

What helps you deal with normal frustrations in life?

A missed appointment with a specialist? The dry cleaner ruining your favorite shirt? The car breaking down? The washing machine leaking on the carpet?

You get stuck when you think you should be something you’re not. When you think life should be different from this one you live right now.


Live today, because yesterday he no longer exists, and tomorrow  may not be.One of the most popular phrases is that.

 If it is not clear to you – ask .

How else would you know ? How can you gather information if you do not ask? No one can know what you have or what worries you. You have to get used to ask when you do not know because many people try to hide certain things because it is for their own good , not yours!

You want to see him / her – give a call  .

When you miss someone, you’d better call them. So you can clarify the relationship between the two of you. Favorite song in this case  is “I just called to tell you I love you”


If You want something – ask.

Once again nobody knows what to offer if you don’t know what you want.

Example go to a flower shop and ask for three roses. The seller will give you three red roses because him sees them as the most beautiful ones, but him does not know that you want 3 roses cut from the middle of the yarn to be yellowish and not blooming. But surely if you tell him what you want he will give you the correct thing . Same in life .

Never bet . You should not even bet on the decisions of others. It’s not ethical nor will it bring you the honor to get used to betting. Life is not a gamble, it’s a unique chance to do the right thing.

Enjoy yourself.

There’s always something you feel drawn to do during these periods. You’re not completely stuck, not in every area of your life.

You want to be understood – then explain yourself

Some ideas may not be understood if you throw only seven words in the game thinking you are smarter.


Try as much as possible to make people understand you, explaining what you have been thinking about. Do not make your motto a motto, there is enough on the internet. Be explicit and convince your interlocutors to understood your idea.

If you are guilty – stop hiding and ask for forgiveness right NOW .

The most difficult habit is to ask for forgiveness. But once you respect the above steps, you will notice that if your intentions were the best from your point of view and you know how to explain this, people will forgive you even if you obtained the wrong result .

It’s nice to find understanding when you’re wrong, but recognize your mistakes and forgiveness to those you have wronged.



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